Nature's handiwork, meticulously personalized

Using a holistic approach tailored to fit each of our client's own creative visions, Green Roots Environmental Design creates balanced and productive environments inspired and informed by the natural systems we observe.

Wes Aycock
NCSU College of Design
Landscape Architecture 2010

James Clark
NCSU College of Design
Landscape Architecture 2010

Green Roots Environmental Design is a forward thinking firm bringing a sustainable, innovative, meticulously personalized and holistic approach to crafting productive and engaging environments.

Our mission is to create abundant, productive, and beautiful places to benefit the health and quality of all life.

Through our work and the commissions we accept we hope to nurture a vibrant and sustainable culture characterized by an awareness of, connection to, and stewardship for life and the systems which support it.

We believe in equality, craftsmanship, stewardship, responsibility, compassion, and synergy. We embody these beliefs in everything that we do from how we compensate our team members, engage with our clients, and perform our work to how we treat the environment, give back to our community, and make business decisions.

We believe this approach creates the most mutually beneficial experience and highest quality results for us, our team, our planet, our community, our collective future, and most importantly our clients.

Our mission, our vision, and our values influence everything that we do. In short we are a business with a conscience.

We welcome those who feel kindred to our cause to get involved. Like us on social media, tell our story, join our outreach efforts, and for those of you in the market consider Green Roots Environmental Design for your next project.

Please contact us with questions, suggestions, or for details on our various initiatives. We look forward to speaking with you.

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