Nature's handiwork, meticulously personalized

Carter Residence

Raleigh, NC

Intended as an early Christmas present, Green Roots was hired by our client’s daughter to design and reconstruct a pathway into their back yard replacing an older and less-safe pathway.

In addition to creating a safer path to the backyard, we were also asked to create a space for garbage and recycling bins that would be easy to access, but out of site from the kitchen and carport.

Our design offers a safe, visually appealing, functional pathway that creates a seamless transition into the backyard. A herringbone brick pathway leads into a sweeping staircase constructed of recycled railroad ties which open up into an expansive backyard. A landing pad at the top of the stairs, just out of sight but easy-to-access from the carport, creates an easy route for moving garbage and recycling bins.

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