Nature's handiwork, meticulously personalized

Using a holistic approach tailored to fit each of our client's own creative visions, Green Roots Environmental Design creates balanced and productive environments inspired and informed by the natural systems we observe.

Green Roots is a design firm that works hard to deliver a meticulously personalized design tailored to fit each of our clients. In order to deliver a product that is true to your design, we offer installation services to see your project through to its completion.

Typical design installation begins after an agreement of a written contract and an initial payment has been made. Projects can be installed all at once or in phases depending upon various constraints. Budget, seasonal conditions, and availability of materials often play a major role in the determining the time frame of a project installation. We work closely with our clients to keep them informed and provide a smooth and seamless installation service.

In the event that we are acting as construction administration, we act with the same dedication and diligence to insure the highest quality product. Our goal is to ensure 100 percent satisfaction of your final installation.

Contact us for more information on estimates and scheduling. We look forward to working with you!

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