Nature's handiwork, meticulously personalized

Using a holistic approach tailored to fit each of our client's own creative visions, Green Roots Environmental Design creates balanced and productive environments inspired and informed by the natural systems we observe.

Green Roots takes a holistic approach to landscape design. In an effort to provide hardy herbs, vegetables, and native plant varieties, we are working to collect seed and propagate plants that are less popular and hard to find in local plant nurseries.

Plant varieties that are offered here are grown without chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. Green Roots follows permaculture based principles to grow healthy organic plants that are adapted to the growing conditions of our region.

Our selection of plants is comprised of a palate of perennial herbs and native species that we regularly use in our designs. Surplus plants are sold at local farmers markets or upon individual request.

Contact us for more information regarding pricing and availability. We look forward to working with you!

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